Government should reconsider Agneepath scheme: Bhupinder Singh Hooda


Chandigarh, Senior Congress leader Bhupinder Singh Hooda On Wednesday, he criticized the Center for its “Agneepath” scheme, saying it is neither in favor of the country nor in favor of the youth. He urged the government to reconsider and rationalize it by ensuring permanent jobs to the soldiers who have completed their four-year tenure in the armed forces.

The Center on Tuesday unveiled the ambitious “Agneepath” scheme to recruit youth in the age group of 17-and-a-half to 21 years. army, Navy And this Air ForceBroadly on a short-term contract basis for four years.

The youth recruited under the scheme will be known as ‘Agnivar’. After the completion of the four-year term, 25 per cent of the recruits from each specific batch will be offered regular service.

“This has far-reaching consequences and has not been thoroughly considered while formulating this plan. In the long run, the policy will have detrimental implications for our national security,” Hooda claimed in a statement here.

The former Haryana chief minister alleged, “It seems that the government is compromising the security of the country with the intention of saving money on salary, pension, gratuity and halving the strength of the armed forces.”

Hooda claimed that a large number of youth have become overage due to the closure of Army recruitment for the last three years due to the COVID pandemic. “The hopes of the youth who have been waiting for Army Recruitment for the last several years and waiting for written test, physical test and results for Army Recruitment have been dashed after the implementation of this new policy,” he said.

The Congress leader demanded that the government should consider giving relaxation in the age limit to those youths who have become older in the last three years.

Counting the shortcomings of the scheme, Hooda said that 75 percent of the soldiers recruited as Agniveers in the army would be retired after four years.

“No attention was paid to what will happen to their future. This plan is not in accordance with the tradition, nature, ethics and values ​​of the army,” he said.

He claimed, “The period of training prescribed under the scheme is inadequate. Inadequate training can have a negative impact on the capability and effectiveness of the Army. With just four years of service, the Army will be treated as a tourist organisation. ”

Hooda, who is the Leader of the Opposition in the Haryana Legislative Assembly, said that regimental honors are a very strong part of the tradition of our armed forces and the name, insignia and emotional connect with the regiment will be lost to the recruits.

“The government is talking of giving a lump sum amount of Rs 11.71 lakh as service fund to the firefighters who are forcibly removed from the army after four years, whereas the truth is that only half of this fund belongs to the government and half will be the earnings of the soldiers. of money,” he said.

He asked the government to clearly answer whether an unemployed Agniveer after four years of service would be able to spend his entire life with Rs 11.71 lakh.

“After four years of service, they will neither get pension, military hospital nor canteen facilities,” he said.

He said that the army of youths who have completed four years of service will be forced to look for jobs.

“Such unemployed youth who know how to use weapons can easily be misled, which can prove to be a serious threat to the society. I urge the government to reconsider this scheme and take care of the larger interest of the country and society.” Keeping this in mind, I urge you to take a decision.” ” They said.


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