Bangladesh news: Bangladesh government under pressure to act on Prophet’s remarks: ruling Awami League leader

amid protests of comments Prophet Muhammad A senior leader of the ruling Awami League has been told by two suspended BJP office-bearers that Bangladesh There is pressure on the government to “take action” because what happens in India has consequences in this country.

Khandkar Ghulam Maula NaqshbandiThe chairman of the ruling Awami League’s Religious Affairs sub-committee and a member of the advisory committee also said that disruptive forces try to take advantage of such a situation to disturb law and order in Muslim-majority Bangladesh.

Speaking to a group of Indian journalists here, Naqshbandi said, “Many issues arise due to conspiracy at the international level and petty politics at the local level, but the situation gets worse if immediate action is not taken.”

“Bangladesh is under pressure from clerics and civil society to act on the remarks against the prophet,” he said, adding that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina knows how to deal with the situation.

Naqshbandi said that Bangladesh has good relations with India, which is a friendly country.

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He said the particular incident is prima facie an internal matter of India, but “such incidents affect the people here (in Bangladesh).”

Hundreds of people took to the streets in several major cities of Bangladesh on Friday to protest the controversial remarks made by two former BJP spokespersons against the Prophet. Protesters raised slogans after Friday prayers and demanded that the Bangladesh government condemn the “derogatory comments” and boycott Indian products in the Muslim-majority country.

Naqshbandi said that such statements should be avoided as they can hurt anyone’s sentiments.

Despite Naveen Jindal’s expulsion and suspension of Nupur Sharma And on registration of FIR against him by BJP in this matter, Naqshbandi said that it was a belated step and this step was taken after protests from Arab countries.

“The (Bangladesh) government is assessing the situation,” he said.

Asked whether the Religious Affairs Committee would give any advice to the Hasina government on the matter, Naqshbandi said, “We have discussed it with the minister-in-charge and after further discussions we will issue a statement.”

He said that India and Bangladesh share very close relations and it is also true that many international powers are trying to spoil the relations between the two countries.

On the question of frequent attacks on Hindus in Bangladesh, he said that Prime Minister Hasina has zero tolerance against religious fundamentalists and that is why she has acted swiftly in such cases.

“When communal violence took place in Comilla and Peerganj, the government acted immediately and the accused were arrested within 12 hours,” he said.

India has emphasized that the remarks made by two former BJP functionaries do not reflect the views of the government.

External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi has underlined that India accords the “highest respect” to all religions.

Meanwhile, Dr KM Saiful Islam Khan, Professor of Persian Language and Literature at the University of Dhaka, said that the matter need not be given more importance once appropriate steps are taken by the Government of India.

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