CoinFlex to re-open withdrawals soon but there is a catch. What is Locked Funds plan

[ad_1] CoinFlex is looking to allow withdrawals from their platform, however, with some limitations. Last month, CoinFlex halted its withdrawals after a big investor failed to pay $47 million in … Read More

Mutual Funds: Equity MF got Rs 15,500 crore investment in June despite market downturn

[ad_1] Mumbai: retail investor continued to show confidence in equities mutual funds Despite a sharp decline in both Indian and foreign markets last month equity net viewing plans inflow ₹15,498 … Read More

Retail investors invested over Rs 13,000 crore in mutual funds in June: AMFI

[ad_1] Selling by foreign investors, slowdown in global equities, weakening rupee, rising inflation and Nifty at 52-week low, retail mutual fund schemes saw positive inflows for 16th consecutive month since … Read More

Indian funds’ overseas investment plans run into RBI barrier

[ad_1] Multiple Indian funds have urgently petitioned the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) to ease the overseas investment cap for Alternative Investment Funds (AIF) to avoid missing out … Read More

Nippon MF stops fresh investment in overseas funds one week after it was opened

[ad_1] Nippon Life India Asset Management Ltd on Tuesday announced that it is stopping inflows into its international schemes one week after it opened such schemes for fresh investments. The … Read More

Midcap Funds: 5 Top Performing Midcap Funds giving returns up to 21% in 1 year. These are his major holdings

[ad_1] The top five performing midcap funds have given returns of up to 21 per cent in the past one year, compared to a fall of 3 per cent in … Read More

FPIs: Funds based in Mauritius, Luxembourg rise sharply as sell-offs to exit

[ad_1] ET Intelligence Group: If you blame tax havens for the softening of stocks, you won’t be far from the truth. Funds based in Mauritius or Luxembourg have moved out … Read More

Money Making Ideas: Where to Deploy Short-Term Money? 4 Financial Instruments to Park Funds

[ad_1] To build wealth, you need to make prudent investments to make your money work for you. Thankfully, there are several investment avenues where you can invest according to your … Read More

Hedge funds: This hedge fund manager tells you how to generate alpha in volatile times

[ad_1] Greed and fear often hinder investors’ ability to think rationally. When the markets are in turmoil, the potential for huge losses becomes a real possibility as the emotional aspect … Read More

Hybrid Mutual Funds: All You Need to Know About Hybrid Mutual Funds

[ad_1] Investors eyeing a mix of different asset classes One can consider investing in hybrid funds in the same scheme. They often invest in a single fund that combines different … Read More

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