Stock Market Trading: Mind Over Money: Sachin Gupta shares 12-point checklist for traders to maintain mental health


Five-day work week, weekend permanent vacation, no presentation or annual goal – some might call it a dream life, but for a trader, it is not a dream job as it comes with its own set of challenges, Sachin Gupta, CEO and Whole Time Director, Share India.

equity The market has changed a lot over the past 20 years and so has business. The markets have seen a paradigm shift since the 1990s due to the development of technology – from the ‘Badla’ system to electronic trading on the NSE or BSE.

The price trend can change well in a fraction of a second and a strategy that you thought was foolish could soon turn into losses.

Meditation is the only way to stop yourself from overtrading: Sachin Gupta

5 days a week, permanent vacations on weekends, no presentations or annual goals – some might call it a dream life, but for a businessman, it is not a dream as it comes with its own set of challenges, Sachin Gupta , CEO and Whole Time Director, Share India.

Traders who are constantly under pressure due to volatility should practice Total Do pranayama at least 5 times a week to maintain mental health for better decision making and stress management, recommends Gupta, who has more than 20 years of business experience.

The age of a trader is not more than 20-25 years as compared to investors who can even be over 60 years, thanks to the extreme volatility and stress that traders undergo while trading.

Gupta highlights some of the factors that traders should address while starting their trading journey –

  1. Do not compare yourself with fellow traders
  2. Family and your co-workers are your biggest support
  3. Stop yourself from overtrading Meditation
  4. To break the monotony, take at least 15 days off in a year.
  5. do breathing exercises
  6. play sports with teammates
  7. Practice yoga 5 days a week
  8. Traders should focus on non speculative positions
  9. Implement strategies that are market neutral to avoid stress
  10. Adjust trading strategies with volatility
  11. set your goals
  12. If your profit target has been achieved then turn off the machine and go

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