Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme From SBI | Return Calculator


You can very easily purchase Sovereign Gold Bond from the SBI. You can buy it from the branch and online as well.

But before that, you should have an idea of the maturity value of your gold bond after the eight years. Also, to compare it with other investment, you must know the annual return of the gold bond.

Two Gold Bond Calculators for SBI Customers

Maturity Value of SBI Gold Bond

The following calculator would tell you the maturity value along with the interest income. To use this calculator, you need to tell the value of gold and holding period. Also you have to give your expected rate of return. For your convenience, I am already giving 4 expected growth rates. 

Annual Return from your Gold Bond

This calculator would tell you the annual return from your gold bond. To use this calculator, you have to tell the purchase rate and sell rate along with the holding period. 

How to Buy Gold Bond From SBI Online

You can buy the Sovereign Gold bond from the So, login to this portal and reach at the dasboard.

Registration for SGB

  1. Click on the e-Services Section. In that section, you would see many services. Choose the Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme.
sbi e-services section
Choose Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme

2. Now you have to choose the saving account for the investment in this scheme. If you have only one SBI Account, there is no need to choose. Accept the terms and condition and tap on proceed.

Register for SGB purchase

3. Now you have to fill the registration form. The first time buyer has to fill this form. You have to give your basic detail in this form. This detail is necessary to by the gold bond. You would find that most of the details are pre-filled.

SGB Registration form

4. If you have a demat account, you should give details in this page. It ensures that your gold bond goes into your demat account. Because of the Demat account, you can sell the Gold bond in the market before the maturity. Now click on the submit.

5. Now you have to confirm the given information. As you confirm it, the registration for SGB completes.

Registration confirmation
Registration complete

Purchase of Gold Bond

After the successful registration, you can anytime buy the Gold bond from the SBI Portal.

  1. To purchase the gold bond repeat the step one and tap on the purchase tab
Choose bank account

2. Again, you have to fill a small form. In this form, you have to tell about the Gold bond requirement.

Note, You can buy maximum 4000 units gold bond in a financial year. you can buy gold bond in multiple of one. In this form, you can also give your nominee details. So, give those details and proceed.

SBI Gold Bond Purchase Form

3. Again, you have to confirm your given details. As you confirm it, A high security passeword that is OTP is sent to your registered mobile number. As you enter the OTP, the money is debited from your saving account.

enter OTP
SGB Purchase complete

4. Save the transaction number for further reference. You can come back to this page to check the status of your gold bond order. You can also download the Gold bond certificate from the same page.

Gold Bond Status check

5. Note, you would not get the gold bond certificate immediately, Rather, it takes about 4 working days after the issue close. After, the allotment the E-Kuber system of the RBI would send you an email which would contain the certificate of Gold bond. You can download this certificate and open it with the PDF viewer or any browser.

This was all about the sovereign Gold Bond through the SBI. You must use the given calculator to have a proper idea before and after buying the Gold bond.

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