Little support for climate policies in rich countries: CEA


Chief Economic Adviser (CEA) V Anantha Nageswaran said there is little support for climate policies – including taxes on fossil fuels – in rich countries, Chief Economic Adviser (CEA) V Anantha Nageswaran said on Monday Make your public aware of the urgency of adopting policies to reduce the risks. of climate change.

Speaking at an event here, Nageswaran said that when developed countries advise their developing counterparts on what they should do on climate change, they have an even more important task. “This is to convince our public about the importance of climate change mitigation policies,” he said.

The CEA cited a report that said overall support for green policy is lowest in Denmark, France and Germany, followed by Australia. Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, the UK and the US are among the developed countries that oppose the carbon tax.

“Therefore, when we seek funding support from developed countries, it is unrealistic because they have huge challenges to face at home,” he said.

The CEA stressed the need to finance proactive climate-related measures through public, private and multilateral sources, but said “we must not jeopardize the financial health of both developed and developing countries”.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Last year India promised to reduce its emissions to zero by 2070 – missing a key goal of the COP26 summit for countries to reach that target by 2050.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi committed that India will achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2070, the first time the country has set such a target at the Glasgow summit.


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