How to file 10E in the new income tax portal? With Auto Calculate Income Tax Arrears Relief Calculator U/s 89(1) with Form 10E from the F.Y.2000-01 to F.Y.2023-24

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How do file 10E in the new Income tax portal? Filing income tax returns is an important responsibility

 for every income earner in India. It is a legal requirement to ensure that the government accurately

 assesses the tax liability of individuals and to prevent tax evasion. We discuss how to file Form 10E on

 the new income tax portal.


With the introduction of the Income Tax Portal in 2021, tax returns have become faster and more efficient.

What is Form 10E?

In other words, Income Tax Form 10E is a declaration form that must be filed by individuals who want to claim a deduction for debts incurred in the current financial year or salary for the past Financial year. However, This form 10E is a must filing under Section 89(1) of the Income Tax Act, 1961. It can be filled by salaried persons, pensioners, or other persons who have received a salary or received a salary in the previous year.

For instance,

A step-by-step guide to filling Form 10E on the new Income Tax Portal

Above all, Step 1: First go through the login to the  new Income Tax portal and log in with your Pan or Adhaar number and proper password

Step 2: Go to the “E-File” section

Once you are logged in to the portal, go to the ‘e-File’ section in the assortment.

In addition, Step 3: Click on ‘Income Tax Forms and find the Form 10E in the “E-File Section”

How do file 10E in the new income tax portal?

Step 4: Select Form 10E

After that, Select Form 10E from the list of forms listed on the page in the Income Tax Forms section.

Step 5: Fill in the required details

After selecting Form 10E, you will be redirected to a page where you have to fill in the requested information. These details include your name, PAN number, assessment year, and details of debts or wages received in the previous year. Double-check all information entered to make sure it is accurate and complete.

Step 6: Download supporting documents

After filling in the required details, you have to submit Form 16, Form 26AS, and other documents supporting the claim of exemption under Section 89 of the Income Tax Act. Make sure you have scanned copies of all required documents before starting the submission process.

Step 7: Submit the form

After filling in all the required details and submitting the supporting documents, you can submit the form. After submitting the form, you will receive a message on the portal.

It is important to remember when filling out Form 10E 

Fill out Form 10E before filing your tax return

It is important to complete Form 10E before filing your income tax returns. Completing this form will help you claim a deduction for late payment or salary received in the current tax year. Failure to complete this form may increase your tax liability.

Provide accurate information

Be sure to provide accurate information when filling out Form 10E. Just the right information can lead to complications, fines, or legal consequences.

Prepare supporting documents

It is important to have all the documents ready before starting the submission process. These documents will help in proving the claim for exemption under section 89(1) of the Income Tax Act.

Meet the deadline

Keep an eye on the timing of filing Form 10E. The form must be filled out before filing the income tax return.

Download the automated U/s 89(1) income tax arrears calculator with Form 10E from the tax year 2000-01 to tax year 2023-24 (updated version)

How to file 10E in the new income tax portal?
How to file 10E in the new income tax portal?
Income Tax Form 10E

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